Project Coaching

The short version:

Project Coaching is using coaching tools to ensure that individuals and groups have carefully prepared all the aspects before a project begins.

The rich version:

A project is characterized in that it has a defined start and a defined end. A project can not continue indefinitely. Completion of the project may be postponed in the event of factors that makes it impossible  to meet the deadline. Usually due to the unforeseen things or change requests. Important is that the deciding on the postponement or delay, and that it is incorporated in the project plan.

Coaching is a form of conversation, which is characterized by the fact that the coach only ask open-ended questions to the person or the group being coached. The coach thus provides no answers or advice. All answers given by the person or group being coached. This means that there is a very strong ownership of the response and the decisions taken.
Coaching is often confused with sparring and mentoring from the world of sports. Here the sparring partner and mentor gives advices and makes plans. It obviously has its strengths in other situations.

I define Project Coaching as a coaching process with individuals or groups will participate in or have a controlling interest in a project. The team, the management, the suppliers and other stakeholders. The goal of this coaching is that participants will have considered all the big and small aspects of a future project. And have made decisions on the details of implementation of the project on that basis. An ultimate decision could be that a desired / planned project will not be implemented.

It is important to have made ​​an evaluation of the project’s processes after project completion. It’s the best way to learn, but it is often skipped. For now, the project is well finished and you have a result. The project’s results are usually evaluated, but how was the processes. This is rarely evaluated. And then there is a high probability that process errors will be repeated in coming projects. And all the errors have a cost.