General Terms

General Terms

I divide my deliveries in jobs. Each job will be one exactly defined delivery at an agreed time and price.

First job will always be an initial interview, which will be a free delivery plus any costs of transport and accommodation.

After the initial interview a “Statement of Work” will be made, which contains a description of the future jobs, estimate of time, price and other relevant agreements. Often there will be a “Statement of Work” for each job. A framework agreement can be made covering a long-term customer relationships.


The essence of coaching is that it is the coachee’s own statements, answers and resolutions that’s drawn up in the conversation. As a coach I ask open-ended questions to the statements, answers and decisions of the coachee brought forth. I get the coachee to rethink their own answers and decisions. I do not come with any specific advice. As a coach, I have no responsibility for how or whether the coachee choose to use the decisions and statements that he / she reaches.


My prices are comparable with market prices for similar consulting services.

I calculate an individual cost per job after a clarification meeting at which the job is specified.

The price will be shown in the Statement of Work, I shall provide for each job.
The price includes all expenses. Transportation and accommodation may be specified separately.

Prices quoted ex. VAT.

 Payment Terms:

Unless otherwise agreed, the payment term “current month plus 30 days” after receipt of the invoice by email. Payment is by bank transfer to an account in Nordea Bank: 1911 747 493 790 IBAN: DK0820000747493790